Types of Seller Financing Arrangements

In this comprehensive home buyers guide to seller financing, we explore the various types of seller financing arrangements that can provide alternative options for buyers and sellers in real estate transactions.

1. Installment Sales Contract

An installment sales contract, also known as a contract for deed or a land contract, is a type of seller financing arrangement that allows the buyer to make payments to the seller in installments. The buyer gains equitable title to the property during the payment period, while the seller retains legal title until the full payment is made. Once the final payment is completed, the buyer obtains full ownership of the property.

2. Land Contract (Contract for Deed)

A land contract, or contract for deed, is a straightforward type of seller financing where the buyer agrees to make payments directly to the seller over an agreed-upon period. During the payment period, the buyer has possession and equitable interest in the property. However, the seller retains legal title until the contract terms are fully satisfied. Once all payments are made, the seller transfers the legal title to the buyer.

3. Lease Purchase Agreement

A lease purchase agreement combines elements of a lease and a purchase agreement. In this arrangement, the buyer leases the property from the seller for a specific period with the option to purchase the property at a later date. A portion of the lease payments may be credited towards the purchase price, making it an attractive option for buyers who want to build equity gradually before finalizing the purchase.

4. Mortgage Agreement

A mortgage agreement in seller financing involves the seller extending a loan directly to the buyer, allowing them to make monthly payments towards the purchase of the property. The seller holds a mortgage on the property as collateral until the buyer repays the loan in full. Once the loan is paid off, the seller releases the mortgage, and the buyer becomes the outright owner of the property.

Choosing the Right Seller Financing Arrangement

When considering seller financing, buyers and sellers should carefully evaluate their individual financial situations, goals, and preferences. Each type of seller financing arrangement comes with its advantages and considerations, so it’s essential to understand the terms and risks involved before proceeding.

  • For buyers with limited access to traditional financing, installment sales contracts or land contracts may offer more accessible pathways to homeownership.
  • Lease purchase agreements provide flexibility and time for buyers to assess the property before committing to full ownership.
  • Sellers looking for a continuous income stream and a potential higher selling price may find mortgage agreements appealing.

Advantages of Seller Financing

  • Increased Buyer Pool: Seller financing opens up the market to a broader range of potential buyers, including those with less-than-perfect credit or self-employed individuals.
  • Faster Transactions: Seller financing can expedite the buying process, as it avoids the lengthy approval processes typically associated with traditional mortgages.
  • Flexible Terms: Buyers and sellers can negotiate customized terms that suit their specific needs and circumstances.
  • Steady Income for Sellers: By acting as the lender, sellers can enjoy a regular income stream from the interest payments made by the buyer.


Dustin Zeller is a real estate agent who specializes in helping home buyers purchase homes through seller financing. This type of financing requires a down payment, typically 10-20%, but offers more flexible requirements than traditional bank financing. Dustin Zeller has 20 years of experience in this field and can help buyers with low credit scores or those who are self-employed. You don’t need a social security number. All you need is a down payment and a desire to buy a house. Interest rates can often be better than current mortgage interest rates. Anywhere from 1 to 2% better. Dustin Zeller will put the deal together to keep you safe.

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