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How Seller Financing Works

As a real estate agent who specializes in seller financing, I’d be happy to explain the process to you! Here’s a basic overview:
Illustration of a dream home, symbolizing the process of finding a suitable property for buyer financing with a real estate agent specializing in seller financing

Step 1 - Finding a Suitable Property

We will work together to find a property that meets your needs and fits within your budget. I have a network of sellers who are open to seller financing, and I can also help you negotiate seller financing on a property you may have found elsewhere.

Image of a piece of paper and pencil symbolizing the process of negotiating the terms of seller financing

Step 2- Negotiating the Terms

Once we have identified a property that you’re interested in, we will work together to negotiate the terms of the seller financing agreement. This may include the down payment amount, interest rate, and payment schedule.

A piece of paper with a check mark symbolizing the successful review of paperwork for buying a home with seller financing.

Step 3 - Reviewing the Paperwork

Before you finalize the purchase, we’ll review the paperwork together to make sure you understand the terms of the financing agreement.

Representation of closing the deal for a home purchase with seller financing

Step 4 - Closing the Deal

Once we’ve reached a mutually agreed upon agreement, we’ll complete the purchase process and transfer ownership of the property from the seller to you.

Icon of a question mark representing ongoing support for buying a home with seller financing.

Bonus Step - Ongoing Support

I will be available to provide ongoing support throughout the process and after the purchase, to ensure a smooth and successful transaction

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